For several years one of my clients had been using Dreamhost which provided stable and good performance service. I was approached though as they received email notification from Dreamhost advising that their VPS server would not be granted full access and as result they needed to change hosting.

I did a bit research and found InMotionHosting as a good choice for following reasons:

  1. full access(root) for VPS, which is the key thing here
  2. Postgresql database support – the client is planning to roll out their own application which requires PostgreSQL, this is the reason why they want VPS with full access
  3. good reputation for hosting service

Before I did the actual work, I found out the client doesn’t need VPS for their site so the solution changed to a shared plan (still with PostgreSQL support) which turned out to be a big saving for them.

So the migration started…

The whole migration was surprisingly smooth, just with a few little problems here and there:

  1. Domain name change: Changing away from Dreamhost is not that straight forward – need to unlock domain, change privacy setting, and find out the “auth code”. Those actions are not on one place so you have to go to several pages, I guess this might be their intent not to make the whole process too easy. (on their page, double click on auth code to copy, by default, the last # would miss out, very annoying as if you don’t notice this, the change will fail due to incorrect code!)
  2. WordPress change. I first used export/import provided by WordPress. This however cannot import pictures so at the end had to download all “wp-content/upload” folder from Dreamhost and upload to InMotionHosting. Also you’ll need to take note of what plugins are installed on the old site so that you can re-install them on the new site.
  3. For shared plans, InMotionHosting doesn’t provide SFTP. The only option is to use public key/private while FTP is always enabled.

After migration, I noticed performance seems improved, though I didn’t do further testing. Here are a few notes of some different parts of the two sites:

Price: Dreamhost offers monthly plan while InMotionHosting 1 year at least

Database: InMotionHosting offers PostgreSQL

VPS: InMotionHosting offers full access, while Dreamhost need dedicated server which is far more expensive


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