There are a lot Crypto coins but most of them just look like the old day’s reward points. I wanted a coin with innovative ideas as well as practical usefulness and hopefully something sustainable. After searching a lot, I landed on Harmony ONE.

Harmony ONE charges very low transaction fee(probably less than a cent) for its super fast transfer from one wallet to another. My transfer from Binance only took a few seconds, this was stunning fast comparing to half an hour transfer of Cardano (ADA) for $3 fee.

Harmony ONE’s speed is probably due to its sharding design(i.e. blockchain data is split into several parts and a single node only needs to sync data from one of them), this is quite a unique feature I don’t see on other coins(MongoDB has this but it’s a database).

I see great potential growth given Harmony ONE can bridge any Proof-of-Work(e.g. Ethereum) and Proof-of-Stake(e.g. ONE) chains and its current cheap price(22 cents).

Being a second generation blockchain coin, Harmony ONE offers staking instead of GPUs “mining”, this pretty much eliminates electricity use and makes getting more coins as simple as putting your money into a saving account.

It’s easy to participate its staking and this is ONE’s official page to monitor your staked coins

Below are a few wallets that offers staking for ONE, I have not tried any of them yet as I started straight with HMY command line on my Linux box (because I wanted to become a validator)

Stake ONE in Trust Wallet through Frontier

Harmony Staking Guide via Math Wallet

How to Stake ONE via Guarda Wallet

How to stake Harmony (ONE) with Blits Wallet

Stake Harmony via HMY

My next post will detail steps for setting up a validator node and provide my personal reflections.

Staking Harmony ONE coins for you
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