If you are a mobile user and are on a “cap” plan, have you ever been charged more than the capped fee? You’re not alone! This happened to me and it happens to a lot of us. In fact, the so-called cap plans are not really capped.

There are various reasons why you were charged over the capped amount:

  • capped plans often charge more than non-capped plans per call. It may reach the capped limit faster than you’d expect. This is how the telcos play the game and maintain their margin.
  • capping introduces extra complexity therefore billing system may make mistakes. I’ve seen so many billing issues over the years and some of them may not be discovered/refunded at all.

How to check your bill? Well, first of all you need to be careful, just bear in mind your bill may not be always correct, especially the first couple of bills when everything is getting settled. I’m sure you’re smart enough to fully understand your plan and bills. If in doubt, we’re happy to help you out while saving your time/effort.

Is capping real capping?

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