Nowadays it’s very easy to change domain registrar, on-line, seamless with a few clicks. Below are steps for doing this:

  1. Find out the new registrar.My favorite is Crazydomains, based on my on-line research, it appears their price is the lowest( AUD$12.49/yr, with free registration). Of course you may want others due to other considerations.
  2. Unlock domain on your existing registrar’s website , make sure there is no privacy setup by default. For example Dreamhost provides privacy feature by default while GoDaddy doesn’t
  3. Ensure your domain’s administrator email is accessible by you so that you can receive confirmation email generated by your existing domain registrar (step 7 below). This can be checked on your existing domain registrar’s website.
  4. Get the authorisation code(or EPP code, or just password) from your existing registrar.
  5. Initiate transfer on your new registrar’s website.
  6. You’ll normally receive an email from the new registrar asking for confirmation, just follow whatever required to confirm.
  7. An email will be generated by your existing domain’s registrar and is sent to the domain’s administrator email account asking for confirmation or alternatively you may need to approve this transfer on your existing domain’s registrar website
  8. Within a couple of days, the transfer will be completed
  9. Make sure you change name servers in DNS configuration on your new registrar’s website.

Please note, domain name and domain content hosting are different. Domain name is just an entry in the ICANN database for lookup, it should be cheap; Domain content hosting is where you need to have a machine to host the content of your website, this is of course much more expensive.

Also note, I’m not an affiliate of any sites mentioned above; Rather I’m just a user of them at some point of time.

Domain transfer
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