I recently moved my email service to Zoho as the free email service offered by my hosting company (Inmotionhosting) had never been great: delays, failures of sending and sometimes even email loss. OK, it’s a free service so nothing to complain really but in order to have better reliability I had to enable email forwarding to my gmail account, annoying.

I wanted to have a reliable service with minimum cost. Searched a bit on market and surprisingly Gmail was not the cheapest: Microsoft’s “Exchange Online Plan 1” is cheaper than “G Suite Basic” with bigger storage, i.e. 50Gb vs 30Gb.

I liked G Suite but Zoho’s $1.46/user/month “MAIL LITE” was obviously a winner for me.

Moved to Zoho based on their instructions, emails went well but then I realised I lost my web site. I had domain registered with Crazydomain, web hosted by Inmotionhosting and email hosted by Zoho. When I changed name servers at Crazydomain to point to Zoho’s name servers, Inmotionhosting could not host my web page anymore. Gooogled solutions but there were a lot of articles that seemed conflicting with each other. Some saying adding MX at Crazydomain some saying change name servers.

At the end, the solution was logical: change at Crazydomain to point to Inmotionhosting (so that my website can be served) and then on Inmotionhosting, modify MX records to point to Zoho’s servers as shown below. 🙂

Domain and email hosting

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    • November 26, 2019 at 10:20 pm

      thanks, I wrote it for my own reference in future. I didn’t find any article on the web that was clear enough on how to handle domain and email hosting separately as most of them assume you’re with the same provider. It was not the case for me as I wanted to keep overall cost to minimum.


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