The battery of my Surface laptop 1 was dead after 3 years(a full charge only lasted 30 mins and sometimes it even refused charging) so I started my research on how to replace it myself.

On Youtube iFixit gave it a 0 out of 10 repairabilitly score, link here

This made me wonder if it’s worth to even try, luckily I had the chance to buy the battery at a very affordable price so still decided to give it a try.

It’s surprisingly easy to remove the keyboard( quite contrary to what’s shown on iFixit video, you can remove keyboard and its frame together), below is a picture after the keyboard was removed

You don’t need to remove screen either, below are the three main steps:

  1. disconnect screen cable (as highlighted on the above picture)
  2. remove the fan/heat pipe
  3. remove the top left two click-on shields as showed on the picture below(no need to remove others) so that you can disconnect the two cables from mother board.
  4. remove screws so that you can remove the J shape component on the top left. This will allow you to remove the mother board without touching other components in the chassis
  5. after all other cables are disconnected, you should be able to change the battery now
DIY Surface laptop 1 battery change
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