In this post, I’m going to talk about discount movie tickets in Sydney – probably my first non-tech post 🙂

Where to get discount tickets?

I have used three channels:

  1. NRMA – NRMATix: adult $13.5, child $11 at Event.  Not available after 5pm on Saturdays
  2. Optus Perks – adult $11, child $8.5 @ Hoyts & Reading.  Not availabe after 5pm on Saturdays
  3. Telstra – $12.5 @ Event. Not available after 5pm on Saturdays or on public holidays

Occasionally there may be tickets on Scoopon/Groupon, just keep an eye.

It appears Optus Perks offers the best deal, though my credit card was once doubled charged by them, just need to be careful.




discount movie tickets
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