Any industry that needs to maintain 10+ desktops/laptops

Typical example: Internet cafe shops, real estate, call centre, schools, and hospitals


All operating system and its applications are bundled together in an image file, which is maintained at server side. Ā Therefore instead of maintaining every desktop/laptop individually (which normally requires a full time IT support personnel), only one central copy (template) is stored on the server and any further modification to it can be pushed to any individual desktop/laptop when the user logs in.

This mechanism provides the following benefits:

  1. Greatly reduced workload of IT support. A full time IT support job can be reduced to half or less.
  2. Centralised management of desktops/laptops. By configuring relevant policies on the server, end user will not be able to install unauthorised software, this ensures a secure and controlled company-wide IT environment:
  • No need to worry about pirate applications, virus/Trojan horses, etc.
  • Lost desktop/laptop can be locked to ensure no company secrete is leaked ;
  • No system crashes. The template is tested before pushing to each individual desktop/laptop
  • Super quick provision of a new desktop/laptop. All end user needs to do is login and download the template from the server for first time.
  1. Multiple operating systems can be installed on the same desktop/laptop. This is very useful when users need to share the same physical machine or need to switch between different environments(for example Windows/Linux) on the same machine
Desktop virtualisation

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