My first post on SAP based on my working knowledge. I’m not a SAP support or developer so there are still lots of unknown to me

There are so many dates in SAP: Baseline date, net due date, invoice date, invoice receipt date, goods receipt date, posting date, clearing date, value date, entry date, etc. Below are my summary of them

Posting date: the date you post a document, invoice, payment or any other documents in SAP. Posting date a logical date used in SAP for financial reporting.

Baseline date: is used to determine invoice’s net due date; It’s configurable to be based on invoice date, goods receipts date or others

Invoice date: the actual date vendor put on their invoice

Invoice receipt date: For three-way matching(PO->Goods receipts->Invoice), you normally have Goods receipts date and invoice receipt date. This date can be found on PO (ME23N) -> Purchase Order History tab

Goods receipt date: when the goods were receipted.

Entry date: is document’s system entry date. It can be used to extract data on daily basis

Net due date: is a calculated field based on Baseline date + terms. I find it’s normally the cash discount days can be added to baseline date to get net due date.

Clearing date: When a payment is made to “clear” an vendor invoice, the date is recorded as “clearing date”. It should be the entry date of the clearing document.

Value date: When a payment is settled by the bank (i.e. money transferred to the vendor’s bank). Note although invoice has a value date field, the actual value date should be taken from the payment doc on the settlement side(double entry here, one vendor account and the the being bank’s settlement account)

Dates in SAP
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