I have a Synology NAS and disks are redundancy protected to telerate one disk loss and because I had backups of my VM on my NAS, I should be able to re-create such a VM quickly when I lost it, I was therefore under impression my VM was safe enough, evn in the worst case when one disk failed.

It came to my thought that what if I lost my Synology unit? How could I re-create my VM then? This gave me a new angle to think about my VM protection.

The easiest of course is to buy another Synology unit, do some kind of replications, however this is expensive that I don’t want to spend so much to protect against the 1% chance.

My final solution is back up my VM using Active Backup for Business(ABB), then use Hyper Backup to rsync the files created by ABB to another Linux machine. Both ABB and Hyper Backup support incremental data so the final storage on the Linux machine is manageable.

Now I have the protection for files stored on my Synology, good to have that peace of mind; Note in the worst case when my Synology fails, I still wouldn’t be able to restore my VM. Options like https://xpenology.org/ could help (although I have not tested it), or that might be the time I just need to rush into a store to buy a new Synology.

Below is for setting up rsync on a Linux box


Back up data
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